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Things To Do In Eastlake, CA

If you are new to the Chula Vista, Ca area, then you may enjoy these tips of things to do in and around Eastlake. First off, Eastlake is a new development in Chula Vista. The East side of the city was barren for many years and the city began issuing permits for building in the early 2000’s.  Many residents of the area often utilized the old area for off-road vehicles as there was plenty of hills and unutilized ground for the off-roaders to play and have fun!

If you have just recently moved there, are visiting the area, or if you are considering moving there, we hope you find these tips and things to do list useful!


Popular Restaurants:

Cheesecake Factory

Buffalo Wild Wings

Chula Vista Brewery


Things to do:

Olympic Training Center where athlete’s train and prepare for upcoming Olympic’s. Go visit for a tour, an amazing place!

Outdoor Mall with all sorts of shops to include high-end stores

Movie Cinemas with lots of theaters to catch a movie.



Brand new, modern K through 12 schools for your school age children. Again all schools are modern, having been recently built with very respectable ratings educationally.


Community College: 

If you or a family member have aspirations of attending college, there is Southwester Community College where one can get a 2-year degree. Southwestern College is very well respected educationally and is a great option to save money while getting your lower level courses out of the way before transferring to a major college or university.

It is a really cool place to live and play, with all new developments to include condos, houses, and apartments. And as stated above lots of things to do and all sorts of restaurants to eat at. Basically, accommodations to meet every taste and budget. Plenty of options of things to do and places to eat. Really no reason to leave the immediate area as the place has everything.

We hope you find this article useful on things pertaining to Eastlake Chula Vista!